Cloud Technology is Complex

While cyber threats are increasing across enterprises.  The costs have never been greater to your business or client data.  

It’s confusing to understand technology vendors and the security pros & cons those solutions, how they will work with your business applications, and what applies in your industry and/or regulatory needs. That’s where we help.

Critical information, easy to consume and tailored to your needs



We Listen to understand your unique industry needs, business needs and drivers, and Cloud SaaS business solution(s).

We provide Cloud Technology Talent and Cyber Security Advisory. 

Our unbiased real experience based on your needs will better guide you in selecting, executing and operationally running these solutions.



Based on your unique risks preferences, and business needs we Assess and produce a detailed report at no charge to solve your requirements either with talent sourcing or Cyber Security.  

This includes how best to execute in your environment both from a business and technical perspective.



Execute your talent and sourcing is important to us.  We will provide unique insights that will lower risk and cost, while driving value.   

You will receive a Cloud Implementation Best Practices guide specific to the CASB solution selected, along with other success factors.

Get it right the first time!

What we offer (Cyber Security)

We offer a CASB Security Playbook of risks and trends including CASB vendors. We offer 1-1 consultation that allows us to understand your industry and unique needs. Then define a cloud security strategy with recommendations on best fit solutions and how to implement saving you time, effort and headaches.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Cloud Insights was instrumental in advising us of the CASB solutions in the market and what was the right solution for our business. The solutions that exist and how we should use them are very muddy.”

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We are here to get it right the first time:

We help you select the right cloud security solution without wasting time, effort and money on ones you don’t need. We’ll go over many criteria, including the 5 most important: 

Cloud Security Access Brokers (CASB) and Alignment with SaaS Product(s)

Your Industry Context & Regulations

Aligning CASB With Your Enterprise Security Strategy

Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Minimizing Execution & Operational Spend

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