Digital Transformation on its peak

Anticipating a Post-Pandemic World


What’s clear in the pandemic world is that digital transformation can happen fast. Strategic use of the cloud is the catalyst for operational changes and refined business models. Given the shift away from the office, there are countless new endpoints, cybersecurity is vital.

It’s a new world. Playbook for #CIOs on post pandemic actions.

For the moment, most of our organizations are very different than they were just eight weeks ago: They are now virtual and almost entirely digital. The oft-neglected digital workplace is now our primary employee experience, with its historically low IT investment priority and associated long-standing challenges clearly evident in many cases. Remote work is currently very much the norm around the world, but — and at least in its present form — is also creating varying degrees of worker fatigue, disengagement, and impediments to function that must be overcome. For a good many of us, our supply chains are in disarray and our operations aren’t far behind, with limited ability to recoup until global trade and travel have resumed. Our strategic trajectories have been sharply altered too: 2019’s digital transformation plans for 2020 have largely been overcome by events and now require thorough review and rethinking


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